Last Man Standing Contest

Last Man Standing Contest

  1. The Carib Last Man Standing contest prize consists of a Progressive Pool, with added money. New contests start each Monday and Thursday and run until one winner remains: The last man standing.
  2. Players pick one game per entry from the contest card. Multiple Entries accepted (Max Picks Vary-Check Individual Cards). A New card is posted each day. Entry must win to advance. Failure to select a pick on a given day results in loss of that entry.
  3. Postponed or cancelled games recorded as a push in the contest standings. Entry will advance and the push will be considered a winner.
  4. A leaderboard will be published after the contest card closes, for viewing by all members. Contest card closes when last game goes. New card is posted after last game is paid.
  5. If on any given day ALL open entries lose, all those losing entries automatically advance to another round until one player remains.
***Rules Subject to Modification***