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The 2012 Pick 10 Weekly Handicappers Challenge

OVER $100,000.00 in Prizes
  1. Registration:
    Each entry must be purchased and picks submitted by Sunday 1pm EST to be eligible for participation in any of the 17 Pick 10 Weekly Handicapper Challenges.
    1. NEW reduced entry fee of $15 per week. Each week is a brand new contest with no carryover from previous weeks.
    2. Contestants in the Pick 10 Weekly Challenge will automatically be charged $15 upon the submission of their weekly picks.
    3. Multiple entries for each weekly contest may be purchased.
    4. Contestants may participate in as many or as few of the 17 Pick 10 Weekly Challenges as they desire. Pay as you go.
  2. How Do You Play?
    Each entry must consist of 10 picks against the point spread and/or totals posted.
    1. The leaderboard standings will be calculated by the following point system:
      WIN = 2pts, PUSH = 1pt, LOSS = 0pts
    2. Opening lines will be posted at approximately 8am EST every Tuesday throughout the 17 week NFL regular season and updated once per day from Wednesday through Sunday at 8amEST.
    3. All entries must be completed and entered at the same time. The system will not allow contestants to save a partial entry and then fill it at a later time during the week. Make your selections early in the week or late in the week. It's your call!
    4. Time and date will be recorded on all submitted entries for each contestant to view on the Carib and Pick 10 leaderboard after 1pm on Sunday.
  3. Payouts:
    Weekly prize money will be distributed as follows:
    1. The owner of the entry garnering the most points for the contest week shall be declared the winner and awarded $5000. If more than one entry has achieved the highest point total for that week, the owners of each winning entry for that week shall divide equally the $5000 top prize for that contest week. If the owner of an entry achieves a perfect score of 20 points, he or she shall be declared the winner of that contest week and shall be awarded the top prize of $5000. If more than one entry receives a perfect score of 20 points in a contest week, the top prize of $5000 will be awarded evenly between each winning entry in that contest week.
    2. The owner of any entry who scores ZERO points in a contest week will be declared the winner of the "Biggest Loser" prize and shall be awarded $2500. Contestants must have 0 wins and 10 losses in a contest week to qualify. If more than one entry scores ZERO points in a contest week, they shall all split the $2500 prize evenly.
    3. Contestants winning any prize money in the Pick 10 Weekly Handicappers Challenge may withdraw part, or all of the prize money from their Carib account at any time. Prize money will be deposited into each winner's account on Tuesday morning during the NFL regular season.
    4. Any Contestant purchasing multiple entries to the Pick 10 Weekly Handicappers Challenge will be treated exactly as the preceding rules state with respect to prize money. We award prizes based on the owners of EACH winning entry. (This means one account holding multiple entries could win several times in the same week).
  4. The Details
    1. If there is a Thursday and/or Saturday game and the contestant wishes to include a team or total from one of those games, the contestant MUST submit his completed entry before that game starts. All others will have until Sunday at 1pm EST to submit their entries.
    2. All picks must be made online. Selections will not be accepted via telephone.
    3. Once your entry has been submitted, all selections are final. Carib Sports employees are not permitted to alter, change or cancel any entry previously submitted.
    4. If a game is postponed and not played by midnight on Monday, both sides will be considered winners.
    5. Carib Sports employees or their families are not eligible to play.

Any questions, comments or concerns regarding the Carib Classic or the Pick 10 Weekly Handicappers Challenge should be emailed to marketing@caribsports.bz

***Caribsports.com has no power to waive the weekly closing time for any contest member as The Carib Classic and The Pick 10 Weekly Handicappers Challenge belongs to ALL it's participants***