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The following information comprises the Rules and Regulations for the major Sporting events offered at Carib.
Winners and Losers are Official:
  • Football: after 55 minutes of regulation play or at the completion of overtime period(s).
  • College Basketball: after 35 minutes of regulation play or at the completion of overtime period(s).
  • Pro Basketball: after 43 minutes of regulation play or at the completion of overtime period(s).
  • NHL Hockey: after 55 minutes of regulation play or at the completion of overtime period(s).
  • Major League Baseball: after 5 innings of play, or 4.5 innings if the home team is leading. If a game is subsequently called or suspended, the score after the last full inning determines the winner unless the home team ties the score or takes the lead in the bottom half of the inning. Then the score at the time the game is called will determine the winner. All money line wagers will be refunded if the home team ties the game and it is then suspended. Events will not carry over to the following day unless otherwise specified. When wagering on total runs or the run line, the game must go the regulation 9 innings, or 8.5 innings if the home team is leading, otherwise it will constitute a "No Action" wager, and all money will be credited accordingly. A pitcher is deemed a starting pitcher after delivering the first pitch for his team.

    In the event of a pitching change prior to the game, the price or line may change. Any wagers marked "Action" on a team without regard to the starting pitcher are subject to an odds or line adjustment. Any wager marked "Listed Pitcher" is subject to both starting pitchers actually starting the game, If pitchers are not as named it will constitute a "No Action" wager, and all money will be credited accordingly.
Pick - All - Weekly and for All Seasons: Rules as follows:
  1. To win the pool you must pick 15 of 15.
  2. If less than fifteen games are played or games end in a tie, and all remaining picks are correct. There will be a $500.00 consolation prize.
  3. Consolation prize or pool, will be shared among all winners.
  4. All Bets are action.
  5. For Baseball, run line rules apply, all action goes (no listed pitchers).

Straight Bet : A wager on a single event whose outcome for wagering purposes shall be determined by a point spread or money odds.

Over/Under :A wager on the combined scores (Total) of a game being over or under the posted number.

Parlays : Two or more teams or totals can be combined to make one wager. Circled games cannot be parlayed. Proposition plays, and future bets cannot be parlayed.

You may estimate Parlay Payoffs by following steps (example provided):

Let's say you play the Pirates +150 and the Pirate game over 8 -120 in a two team parlay and you bet $100. Use the following steps to determine your winnings or should we say potential winnings.

  1. Calculate Parlay Factor for each piece: if the price of the piece is positive - simply add one to get factor, if the price of the piece is negative v calculate reciprocal, multiply by -1, and then add one.

    1.50 + 1 = 2.50

    -1.20 (take reciprocal or divide one by the negative price) 1/1.20 = 0.83 + 1 = 1.83

  2. Multiply all factors - then multiply this factor times the bet amount - the result is the payoff (including your bet)

    2.50 x 1.83 = 4.57 (now multiply this times your bet) x 100 = 457

    $457 is your total return if both pieces win (including your bet amount)

  3. Subtract your bet from the figure calculated in 2 - Result is your winnings.

    457 - 100 = 357 Winnings

    This will also work for three, four, five,... team parlays, simply follow the steps. Note: This is will provide you with a rough estimate; actual winnings may differ due to rounding.

Basketball and Football Parlay Payoffs :

2 Team 2.644
3 Team 5.957
4 Team 12.283
5 Team 24.353
6 Team 47.398
7 Team 91.394
8 Team 175.379
9 Team 335.708
10 Team 641.775
11 Team 1226.701
12 Team 2342.793
13 Team 4473.514
*Reduced Juice Specials like TWOSday, Happy Hour and Friday Nights will be calculated at -110.

Teasers : Two or more teams combined into one wager, in which additional points are either added to the underdog or subtracted from the favorite. Circled games can be teased. Proposition plays, and future bets cannot be teased.

Open Parlays/Teasers:


Open parlays/teasers allow customers to confirm part of a parlay/teaser now and part later.

Add the first portion of teams you want to confirm to the bet slip, select the Parlays/Teasers tab, enter the wager amount and hit Continue.

On the Setup a Combination Wager page use the ‘Open Parlay Size’ drop menu to select the size of the open parlay from 2-10 teams. (For Teasers use the Bet Type drop menu to select teaser type) and hit Continue to go to confirmation.

Eg. If you want an open 8 teamer but only want to confirm 5 teams now, you will have put 5 selections on the bet slip then select 8 from the Open Parlay Size drop menu and confirm. Your bets report will indicate how many teams are confirmed on your open parlay, in this case 5 of 8.

To close or complete the open parlay add the remaining number of teams to the bet slip (you need not enter the stake again) and hit Continue.

On the Setup a Combination Wager page use the ‘Continue Open Parlay’ drop menu to select the open parlay you want to close and hit Continue to go to confirmation.

Round Robin : Round Robin: A combination of wagers for which the bettor selects a minimum of 3 up to a maximum of 10 teams which are then broken down into all possible combinations of two, three, four, or five team parlays.

Yankee Full cover bet for 4 selections, 6 two team teamers, 4 three team teamers , 1 four team parlay = 11 bets
Super Yankee Full cover bet for 5 selections, 10 two team teamers, 10 three team teamers, 5 four team teamers and 1 five team parlay = 26 bets
Heinz Full cover bet for 6 selections, 15 two team teamers, 20 three team teamers, 15 four team teamers, 6 five team teamers and 1 six team parlay = 57 bets
Lucky 15 Four selections = 15 bets (a Yankee) plus the four singles
Lucky 31 Five selections = 31 bets (a Super Yankee) plus the five singles
Lucky 63 Six selections = 63 bets (a Heinz) plus the six singles

(C) Circled: Indicates a circled event for which there is limited action. Circled events are not available for if-wagering.

If-Bets : A bet, which is not yet action, but will become action based on the result of another bet.

Action Bet : An If-Bet where action is pending a WIN or PUSH result of another wager.

IF-Win Bet : An If-Bet where action is pending a WIN result of another wager.
Circled Events, Proposition Plays, and Future Bets cannot be placed as If-Bets.

Any adjustments to the primary ticket will affect all wagers in the if-wager string.

NOTE: If-Win Bets are activated for REDUCED payouts on parlays/teasers/adjusted money lines in baseball. When the stake on the If-Win Bet exceeds the reduced payout coming from the previous wager the If-Win Bet stake is automatically reduced.
Additional if-wagers cannot be attached to if-wager strings when any portion of any bet in that string has been marked i.e. win, loss, push, no action, cancelled or adjusted

WE DO NOT ACCEPT PHONE WAGERS ON IF-BETS! IF BETS are a privilege and if deemed to be used to exceed your limit, your account will be blocked from making this bet type. Also, should a customer manipulate their account or set up multiple accounts in other names for the purpose of exceeding their limits, these accounts will be deemed inappropriate and all wagers made to exceed the event limits will be LOSERS and money removed from their accounts.

"FUTURE" rebates only at Carib! Horse Racing future events will now return 25% of the wager if the selected horse does not run in the race. Golf, Auto Racing and Tennis future events will now be making full refunds on wagers where the selected person does not participate in the specified event. The rebate will be credited to your account after the completion of the specified tournament or race.

Square : A wager on the two last digits of the score of a game or score at the end of a period of a game. All bets are ACTION even if no player selects a winning square. Only ONE player is allowed per square so that payoffs do not get shared among many winners. Prices per square are fixed and can be found in the header of each square page. Payoffs include the price of the square and can vary from game to game; the details of a Square Payoff are defined at the top right of each square grid. The price per square and total payoff can also be found in the upper left corner. Values will be assigned randomly at the start of the event. Player Activity Reports will show the geometric position of your square within the grid, and, after the game starts, will also show which Digits you need beside the team names. Squares are paid out at the end of the event, so even when there are winners at a halftime or quarter, the winning accounts are not credited until the game is complete and the entire square grid can be graded.

NOTE: For Super Bowl squares where quarters and halves are set for payoffs, the winning squares are determined by the score of each period alone by itself (Overtime included in 2nd half)

NOTE: Normally, payoffs per period are defined by the score AT THE END OF THE PERIOD, however in a case like the EZ-14 squares where quarters, halves, the final are set for payoffs, the winning squares are determined by the score of each period alone by itself (Overtime included in 2nd half)

Daily Number : A daily wager on a set of 3 or 4 digits, straight (in exact order) and/or boxed (in any order).

Halftimes : Carib carries halftimes for all games in the NFL and NBA. Halftimes are posted for televised games and games which carry totals for NCAAF and NCAAB. This is not a guarantee that a 2nd halftime line will be posted. It is a guideline for the players to understand what games will have 2nd halftime lines in most cases. Overtime included in the 2nd half score.